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Shot Girls

shots-girls-mainShot sellers and shot hosts are very popular in the uk.

Persuasive Eye candy models suit the role of a shot girl/guy being loud confident and approachable charming customers with a shot.

This Is popular in nightclub environments as it is adds to the intake of each night, the customers can have a shot without queuing at the bar whilst our flirty models interact with customers throughout the night.

This can be done in many ways than one:

  • Free shot tube give out  (usually at corporate events and parties)
  • Free shot in a glass (usually At corporate events and parties)
  • On foot shot selling
  • On stilts shot selling
  •  Stable shot stand

The males can present this topless or dressed to cater to your choice.

The females can present this in as little as a bikini or dressed to cater to your choice.

Requirements: all alcoholic spirits must be provided.

Unless booked for a private event at a private property you must hold  a alcohol licence.

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