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Contortionists, Gymnasts & Tumblers

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Contortion (sometimes contortionism) is an unusual form of physical display which involves the dramatic bending and flexing of the human body. Contortion is often part of acrobatics and circus acts. In general, “contortionists” have unusual natural flexibility, which is then enhanced through acrobatic training.

This can be performed in a box, on the floor or on pedestals.

Pedestals – balancing act/ contortion with an element of gymnastics throughout the performance, This can be performed as a choreographed piece or free styled to your song of choice.

On the floor- Gymnastics, tumbling and performance, This can be performed to a choreographed piece or free styled to your song of choice.

In the box- The contortionist will contort into a very small space choreographed to make your eyes water, This is performed to the performers own piece of music.

Tumblers-  Gymnastics  and tumbling that involve energetic flips and balancing stunts.

This works well Performed as a duet as the balancing stunts can be done on each other.


Requirement: tumbling will require staging or dance floor to perform to the best of their ability.

If this is performed close to the audience a bouncer must be present to ensure it is performed with 100% safety.

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